Therapeutic Support

What is Therapeutic Support?

At 4Families, we define Therapy as ‘restorative care’. All of our Therapeutic Programs are ‘covered’ with the best Licensed Therapeutic Support.

If it is your belief that your child is in need of Therapeutic Support and Care, please give us a call @ (844) 54-FAMILY or e-mail; or check out our Therapeutic Programs for youth by clicking on one of the following:

  1. The T.O.P.: The T.O.P. is a day program in Nashville, TN. If you live within a 45 mile radius of Nashville and have a ‘capricious’ child (click here for the definition and symptoms of a ‘capricious’ child), The T.O.P. may be for you. For complete information on The T.O.P., click here.
  2. The T.O.P. Flex: The T.O.P. Flex has elements of a residential program without the youth needing to go away for long periods of time. If you live outside of Nashville, TN and have a ‘capricious’ child, The T.O.P. Flex may be for you. For complete information on The T.O.P. Flex, click here.
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