The T.O.P. Flex

The Capricious Child: ‘acting on impulse’

Youth today are being pulled every which way, whether it be from peer pressure, societal pressure, or even parent pressure. Often, for them to do the “right thing” can mean going against the flow of the mainstream, and for many of them, this is a near impossibility.

Is your child:

  • Experiencing mental health problems, such as ADHD, ADD, RAD, bipolar tendencies, and/or depressive disorders, to name a few?
  • Demonstrating self-harming behaviors, such as cutting? (Note that we will not work with youth who have attempted suicide or have suicidal tendencies, except in unique circumstances)
  • Showing antisocial behavior at home and/or at school?
  • Exhibiting defiant, apathetic, and/or disturbing behavior at home?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions, then The T.O.P. or The T.O.P. Flex may be helpful for your child and family.

Difference between The T.O.P. and The T.O.P. Flex

  1. The T.O.P.: The T.O.P. is a day program in the Nashville, TN area. If you live within a 45 mile radius of Nashville and have a ‘capricious’ child, The T.O.P. may be for you. For complete information on The T.O.P., please click here.
  2. The T.O.P. Flex: The T.O.P. Flex has elements of a residential program without the youth needing to go away for long periods of time. If you live outside of Nashville, TN and have a ‘capricious’ child, The T.O.P. Flex may be for you. For complete information on The T.O.P. Flex, please click here FIRST for complete information on The T.O.P. then read The T.O.P. Flex information below:

What is The T.O.P. Flex?

The T.O.P. Flex is not for everyone but it may the right program for your youth and family. If it is determined that a youth needs to go to a Residential Program, a youth is often away from the family for as little as 3 months or as long as 2 years, depending on the severity of the problem and the type of program.

One challenge of a Residential Program is the fact that the youth is making the ultimate sacrifice by leaving home. Transitioning back home can be a challenge because:

The youth may have changed but the environment that first caused the problems may still be the same.

The T.O.P. Flex incorporates The T.O.P. with short term elements of a Residential Program and includes the youth AND the family in the process. This is how it works:

Host Family

The T.O.P. Flex, like The T.O.P., is 6 months long. Unlike The T.O.P. families, all of those involved in The T.O.P. Flex are not residents of Nashville or the Nashville area. During portions of the 6 month process, it is important that the child and one of the parents are involved in the structured aspects of The T.O.P. here in Nashville. Though it may be a great sacrifice on the family as a whole in the short term, it is crucial in helping the parent and their child re-bond and build a more healthy relationship, thus bringing what they learn back into the family structure.

During portions of their stay in Nashville, the youth and parent will live with a Host Family. This family has been trained as mentors in supporting the youth and parent during The T.O.P.. There is both privacy and support for the two, thus giving them a sense of community during their stay.


The Structure of The T.O.P. Flex looks like this:

Location Length
Home (Protégé)* 1 Week
The T.O.P. Nashville 4 Weeks
Home 1 Week
The T.O.P. Nashville 3 Weeks

2 Weeks
The T.O.P. Nashville 2 Weeks
Home 3 Weeks
The T.O.P. Nashville 1 Week
Home 4 Weeks
Home (Protector)* 1 Week

What is Protege & Protector?

During the 1st and Last week of The T.O.P. Flex, Kent (Robson), the co-founder of 4Families, goes to where the family lives. During the Protege week, Kent preps the youth and family about what to expect and helps them begin to do the things necessary for the seeds of growth to begin. The youth is clued in on what it means to be a Protege, ie a Learner. The parent who will be participating will also be provided with tools that may be needed as the transition occurs.

During the Protector week, Kent will provide the tools necessary to protect or guard against the youth and family reverting back to old behaviors. By this time, much has been learned and utilized and it is important that it this a new normal continues and does not become just information that will be put aside.


If The T.O.P. Flex seems like it could be the right fit for your family and child, here is the process:

  1. Contact: Either call us @ (844) 54-Family or contact us @ You will receive an immediate response to your inquiry.
  2. Apply: Once we have talked to you, you will be asked to fill out an application. Click below for a pdf of the application information.
    • The T.O.P. Application
    • The T.O.P. Medical History
    • The T.O.P. Adolescent Application (This application is filled out during the interview process)
  3. Interview: Not every youth is admitted into The T.O.P. We are looking for youth and families who are willing to do the work towards healing. Once you have filled out an application, your youth and family will go through a series of 3 interviews.
  4. Fees: We never want finances to be a hindrance to healing and growth. It is for this reason that we will only discuss fees once a youth has been accepted in the program. Scholarships are available if a family cannot pay the whole amount.

If you would like to know more about The T.O.P. and how it may help your child, contact us @ (844) 54-Family.

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