The Curious Child

For the Curious Child: Do you have a child who often challenges the status quo by ‘acting outside the box’? This child may need an environment with the freedom to create.

Is your child:

  • Acting in a way that can be defined as ‘act now, think later’? Does your child do something then engage brain later?
  • Lacking the ability to sit still and focus; making noises or engaging in other annoying activity without realizing that they are being a distraction?
  • Engaging, yet frustrating and in general, a good child that is acting in a way that you often say, ‘I am not sure what to do with this kid’?
  • Giving you cause for concern from time to time because your child is a constant ball of energy?

We know that this child, channeled and focused in the right direction can use that enormous energy for good. If you said yes to one or more of these questions,   

– 4Families can help!! –

When you have a creative, active child, it is often that they can fall between the cracks in a classroom of 30+ children. They are sometimes seen as a trouble maker but you know that they really are not. They are often misunderstood. We can help you walk through the necessary steps to focus your child before what seem like simple irritants become more challenging behaviors.

Take the First Steps:

  1. Contact us at (844) 54-FAMILY or e-mail If we are not available, we will contact you shortly.
  2. Care will be given to your concerns for your child. We will:
    • Assess the situation
    • Advise next steps
  3. Cultivating nurturing relationships is part of our process. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust, to come alongside your family and your child and support you in whatever you need assistance with.
  4. Creating a plan for your child and family is paramount, even if the best option is not being in one of our programs. We want what is best for you.

Different Child?

Maybe your child is experiencing a different set of challenges than The Curious Child. If so, check out one of these:

The Challenging Child

‘demanding rigorous attention’ 

This child may be exhibiting serious behaviors that are a detriment to your child and your family.

The Capricious Child

‘acting on impulse’ 

This child may be making bad choices by acting without thinking and you are trying to figure out what to do.

The Checked-out Child

‘in a melancholy state’

This child may be dealing with something as simple as boredom or as serious as bullying at school.

The Collective Child

‘needing continual support’

This child may have special health needs or disabilities that make their situation unique.

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