The Challenging Child

For the Challenging Child: Do you have a child who is ‘demanding rigorous attention’. This child may be exhibiting serious behaviors that are a detriment to your child and your family.

Is your child:

  • Experiencing significant mental health issues, such as depression, bi-polar tendencies, suicidal thoughts or threats, or have made attempts on their life?
  • Exhibiting aggressive or angry behavior such as swearing, hurling objects or breaking things, or threatening or harming behavior towards themselves or others?
  • Getting in trouble with the law, due to fights and aggressive behavior at home and school, running away, dabbling in alcohol or drugs, or other anti-social behavior at home and/or at school?
  • Showing a complete disdain for authority, including defiance, apathy, and/or other disturbing behavior?

We understand what it is like to have a child who is a disruption to those around them. If you said yes to one or more of these questions,   

– 4Families can help!! –

When your child has reached this level of behavior, usually drastic measures need to be taken. We can help you walk through the necessary steps to begin the healing process for your child.

Take the First Steps:

  1. Contact us at (844) 54-FAMILY or e-mail If we are not available, we will contact you shortly.
  2. Care will be given to your immediate need. We will:
    • Assess the situation
    • Advise next steps
  3. Connectivity is one of our strengths. We have a network of the best therapeutic organizations, both locally and nationally that we can recommend for your specific needs.
  4. Coming alongside is what we do. Through our Family Blueprint process, we will walk you through each step that is necessary until you get the support you need.

Different Child?

Maybe your child is experiencing less severe or strikingly different issues than The Challenging Child. If so, check out one of these:

The Capricious Child

‘acting on impulse’ 

This child may be making bad choices by acting without thinking and you are trying to figure out what to do.

The Checked-out Child

‘in a melancholy state’

This child may be dealing with something as simple as boredom or as serious as bullying at school.

The Collective Child

‘needing continual support’

This child may have special health needs or disabilities that make their situation unique.

The Curious Child

‘playing outside the box’

This child may need an environment with the freedom to create.

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