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The Curious Child

For the Curious Child: Do you have a child who often challenges the status quo by ‘acting outside the box’? This child may need an environment with the freedom to create. Is your child: Acting in a way that can be defined as ‘act now, think later’? Does your child do something then engage brain later? Lacking the ability to sit still and focus; making noises or engaging in other annoying activity without realizing that…

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The Collective Child

For the Collective Child: Do you have a child who is ‘needing continual support’? This child may have special health needs or disabilities that make their situation unique. Is your child: Experiencing a chronic illness or disability that requires more specified support? Needing more focused emotional and motivational encouragement than can be provided in a traditional school or program? Desiring a nurturing environment where ones abilities are encouraged and ones challenges are embraced? Wanting acceptance…

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