Our Current Location(s)

The C.A.T.E.S. Academy model is designed to have ‘satellite’ or ‘pod’ schools in different locations. These ‘satellite’ schools will have no more than 25 students.

Currently, our only location is in Old Hickory, TN, which is on the Northeast side of Nashville, not too far from the Nashville Airport.

On the map, we have identified two future locations, one in Clarksville, TN and the other in Franklin. The reason for this is that we have had a number of families who have either already placed their student in our program or are interested in placing if we decide to open another satellite program.

If you are from one of these areas and are interested:

…Please contact us regarding your interest.

…Once we have 6 or more families that are interested, we will begin looking for a location.

Our current address is:

First Baptist Church of Old Hickory

1106 Hadley Ave

Old Hickory, TN 37138

Where Students are Coming From