It’s A-Parent


It’s-a-Parent was developed by parents who had experienced, or were still experiencing, difficulties with a prodigal child. This allowed the creation of a program based on the unique perspectives of those with real life experiences.

It’s A-Parent is a 12 Series Program that, each week addresses:

  • The Parenting Problem: Addressing the important issues the family is facing.
  • The Veteran Voice: Learning from other parents who have experienced the same difficulties and are on the other side.
  • Simple Step Solutions: Exploring the steps and resources that can help the family address problems.


Some of the themes that we cover are:

  1. The Value of Children: ‘Blessings of a Quiver -or- Quivering at our Blessing’
  2. Grace vs Judgement: ‘Be the FACE of Grace’
  3. Warning Signs: ‘Slow Burn OR Big Blaze’
  4. The Role of the Father: ‘Is our Weakness our Biggest Strength?’
  5. The Role of the Mother: ‘Beauty & Strength: Opposite or the Same?’
  6. Gifts you GIVE your Children: ‘Passion or Trashin’: They’re both Contagious’
  7. The Cycle of Pain: ‘Embracing the Scars’
  8. Listening: ‘A Secret Weapon of Defense?’
  9. When you’re at your Wit’s End: ‘When It’s A-Parently NOT A-Parent’
  10. Discipline or Dictatorship: ‘Control should NEVER be the Goal’
  11. What VOIDS to Avoid: ‘Dysfunction is ALL about the dys’
  12. Weaknesses as Opportunities: ‘Progress, NOT Perfection’

Who it’s For

It’s A-Parent is:

  1. For those families who may have a child in one of our programs
  2. For families who may be struggling with a child

In other words, It’s A-Parent is open to anyone. You can jump in anytime and get the support you need.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about It’s A-Parent and how it can benefit you and your family, contact us @ (844) 54-FAMILY or e-mail




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