Family Counseling

What is Family Counseling?

Whether a child is in one of our programs or not, we may recommend that your youth and family is involved in Family Counseling. Family Counseling is ‘a listening ear’. All of our Therapeutic programs are ‘covered’ with the support and expertise of Licensed Therapists and Counselors. We have entered into a number of partnership arrangements with Therapy and Counseling Organizations and individual Therapists and Counselors. These are, in our opinion the best of the best. Below are the ones that we would recommend:


  1. Agape Counseling, Nashville, TN  (615) 781-3000
  2. Branches Counseling, Murfreesboro, TN  (615) 904-7170
  3. Heartlight Ministries Counseling, Hallsville, TX  (903) 668-2173

For Youth

  1. Allison Clanton, Spring Hill, TN  (615) 594-7619
  2. Nikki Kelley, Bloomington, IL  (309) 242-7925
  3. Tracey Robison, Murfreesboro, TN  (615) 542-3440

For Women

  1. Anne Stauffer Vincent, Nashville, TN  (615) 519-5102
  2. Beth Easter, Nashville, TN  (615) 275-7286

For Families

  1. Allison Clanton, Spring Hill, TN  (615) 594-7619
  2. Tracey Robison, Murfreesboro, TN (615) 542-3440

For Men

  1. Mike Courtney, Murfreesboro, TN  (615) 904-7170

Note: All of these Therapists and Counselors can also counsel online.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on Family Counseling, contact us @ (844) 54-FAMILY or e-mail