Family Consultation

Family Consultation is ‘continuous encouragement’ for the youth and family. On a continuous basis, based on severity and need, we will consult with the family regarding next steps. These steps are a part of a plan that has been developed through a Family Blueprint. For more information on a Family Blueprint and what it entails, click here.


  • It has been recommended that your child go to some type of Residential or Therapeutic Support program, during their stay there, we will continue to provide Family Consultation.
  • Your child is in trouble with the law, we will walk through the legal process with you, go to court and plead with the Judge as a part of continued Family Consultation. (We have found that Judges like our Family Blueprint because they know that there is a solid plan to help the family and child.)
  • Your child requires Outpatient Services, we will continue to provide Family Consultation.

Family Consultation is a way of helping you walk through whatever process you are experiencing. We have years of expertise working with Residential Programs, Social Workers, Counselors and Therapists, Judges, Attorneys and other Legal Professionals, and even DCS (Department of Children’s Services), and we understand what all of them are needing to provide the support you desire.

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