Family Coaching

What is Family Coaching?

If a child is involved in The T.O.P. (for more information, click here) or The T.O.P. Flex (for more information, click here), and there is a need to assist parents in a more hands on approach, Family Coaching may be recommended as a part of the Family Blueprint (for more information, click here). Family Coaching is ‘a steady hand’ and may mean that one of our experienced staff works with the youth and the family within the family structure.

When a family is in crisis, it is often very difficult to be objective when a situation arises. Outside support can help the youth and family look at things differently.

Our staff is TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) and TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) trained and can help specifically with escalating behavior. We help parents look at their child differently and make adjustments that they may need to make to help their child. We also let the parents know that we are going to come alongside them and provide the support that they need.

We can influence a child’s behavior in a way that a parent is not able to do because the child knows all of the idiosyncrasies of the dynamics of the family. We can say with confidence that a child will respond differently to our dedicated and passionate staff.

We help youth and families with tidbits like ‘Less Words, More Action’ and ‘Anger never Works’, to name a few. Things like, ‘make the car a safe and positive place’ and the importance of ‘quality and quantity time’, focusing on the ‘passions of the child’ are things we espouse.

We also can help them begin to look at the good things about their child and move towards giving the positive reinforcement that is needed for a child to begin to respond differently.

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