Cultiv8 is a program that teaches kids how to garden. The purpose of Cultiv8 is, through hands on work, to show kids how to plan, plant, fertilize, weed and reap the produce that we choose to grow. The Cultiv8 program looks like this:

  1. Mid-February– Planning and Seed Planting begins. Those seeds that can be grown inside and then transplanted are the seeds that we begin with. The youth will develop a plan for their garden, including what to plant, where it will be located in the garden and when to plan the seeds. They will also devise a budget for the garden.
  2. Mid-March– Continue to plant seeds inside and tend to the plants that are growing.
  3. Mid-April– Prepare the grounds for planting, seed plant and replant seedlings.
  4. Mid-May– Plant additional seeds. Tend to the garden.
  5. Mid-June– Tend to garden, including weeding, hoeing and other activities.
  6. Mid-July– Tend to garden.
  7. Mid-August– Begin harvesting some crops.
  8. Mid-September– Most of the harvesting occurs.
  9. Mid-October– Late harvest occurs. We celebrate by having a harvest party.

Cultiv8 is one of our C.A.T.E.S. after-School programs. For more information on C.A.T.E.S. after-School programs, click here.


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