Classroom Makeup

Our 12 year old son was getting kicked of school for fighting and we were at our wits end. Today, he looks forward to going to school. We are so thankful for C.A.T.E.S. Academy.

Classrooms are Made up of Different Ages & Grades

C.A.T.E.S. Academy accepts all school ages and grades. A classroom is usually made up of 4-5 students of different ages and grades. Students that have been in the program for awhile and can manage their schedule with minimum support might be in a classroom of up to 8 students.

If a student requires one-on-one support, the classroom will have no more than 4 students with 1 Teacher and either one Aide, one Volunteer or one Student that can assist other students. Part of the education experience is that older students assist the younger students with their school work, much like the old one room school houses. Students who help other students practice leadership, service and emotional maturity. We have also found that a classroom with different ages helps to alleviate incidences of negative peer pressure and provides a more supportive environment.

As a new student is accepted into the program, we determine the best classroom for that student, ie which students will be the best fit for the new student’s personal needs.

Average Teacher:Student Ratio is 1:4-5

Dr. Paul Cates, leading authority on cognitive education and original author of the IEP, along with his son and colleague, Dr. Kirk Cates, evaluates every child and makes recommendations regarding curriculum and daily structure. Our trained staff consults with Dr. Cates on a consistent basis (sometimes daily) to ensure that each student is progressing.

C.A.T.E.S. Academy is under the umbrella of Faith Christian Academy and is a member of TANAS (Tennessee Association of Non-Public Schools) and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).

For more information on whether C.A.T.E.S. Academy might be a good fit for your child, either e-mail or call Kent Robson, Co-Founder and Headmaster of C.A.T.E.S. Academy at (844) 54-FAMILY -or- (844) 543-2645.