Charis Woods Summer

Charis Woods Summer combines Charis Woods Academy, after-School & adds other fun elements & special experiences.

If you have a Capricious, Checked-out, Collective or Curious Child


Charis Woods Summer may be for you.

What is Charis Woods Summer?

Charis Woods Summer is a continuation of Charis Woods Academy and Charis Woods after-School.

Maybe you are looking for an opportunity for you child during the summer months and you would like to check out our programs before you decide to take the plunge and transfer you child into our programs for the long run. Charis Woods Summer gives you the opportunity to see how your child does.

Charis Woods Summer combines Charis Woods Academy (for more information, click here), Charis Woods after-School (for more information, click here) and adds other fun elements that include field trips and special experiences. Our regular Charis Woods Academy students are a part of the Charis Woods Summer program.

When does it begin?

Charis Woods Summer begins an average of two weeks after the regular school year ends. The start for Charis Woods Summer, 2017 is June 12. (Last day is August 4.)

What does it look like?

To check out the tentative daily schedule for Charis Woods Summer, click here:

4Families Quarterly Schedule (Autosaved)


You can register for Charis Woods Summer anytime, even after Charis Woods Summer has begun.


For more information on the cost of Charis Woods Summer, give us a call @ (844) 54-FAMILY or e-mail

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