Charis Woods Academy

Charis Woods Academy is a PACE Based, Homework Free School that challenges youth who may ‘think outside the box’.

If you have a Capricious, Checked-out, Collective or Curious Child


Charis Woods Academy may be for you!

What is Charis Woods Academy?

The goal of Charis Woods Academy is to provide a nurturing atmosphere that encourages youth to excellence both at school and at home. It is a structured environment that rewards good work and behavior and eliminates the influences of negative peer interaction. We treat every one of our students as though they were our own children. Charis Woods Academy is:

  • PACE Based:
    • Emphasis is not on grades but PACE. PACE means Preparation, Aptitude, Creativity & Excellence.
    • Students can PACE past their age and grade. Some students are doing 2 days of work/day.
  • Acceptance Anytime:
    • If you’re child is struggling in a current school program, we can help. Process is simple, give us a call.
    • We have seen a child’s persona change sometimes in the first day they come into our program.
  • Homework Free:
    • Our goal is that they do the work at school. Evenings are reserved for family.
    • Our view is this: If they don’t learn it at school, then we aren’t doing our job.
  • It’s All About the TEAM
    • Classrooms are TEAMs of 5-6 youth…of different ages but similar interests.
    • Each TEAM member learns to lead. Key motto: Less words, more action.
  • We Expect AWEsome behavior
    • AWE means Attitude, Work and Excellence. Excellence means above and beyond.
    • There are rewards for their Excellence. 15+ excellences/wk merits a $5 gift card.
  • School is the length of a Regular Workday
    • Charis Woods Academy is from 8:30-2:30. A time for Education.
    • Charis Woods after-School is from 2:30-5:30. A time for Passion. (For more information, click here.)
  • Year Round
    • Statistics state that youth usually get in trouble after school or during the summer. We want them to want to be at school.
    • It is our view that structured work can be fun. Our goal is that they look forward to waking up in the morning.


It does not matter what age your child is, the schedule for all is the same. We have designed a day that works for all ages but at their respective grade level. This is what a typical day looks like:

  8:30-9:00    Quotes and Scripture Memory (For current quotes and scripture, click here.)

  9:00-10:30  Math

  10:30-11:30 Creative Writing

  11:30-1:00    History/English Literature (Projects done each week)

  1:00-2:30     Science (Projects done each week)

  2:30-5:30    Charis Woods after School (For more details, click here)

Classroom Structure and Atmosphere

Each classroom is made up a 5-6 youth with different genders and ages. We work very hard to put youth together that will have the best synergy together. As part of the day, the older youth are expected to help the younger youth. It is just like a family is expected to be. The reason they are different ages is because we have found that it eliminates peer pressure.

The classroom is set up in a circle with each student at a table of their own. Their chairs are pointing outwards with their backs facing away from the teacher. This eliminates distractions and creates a focused atmosphere. Students who may be a distraction to each other are placed with their backs to each other.

Each student does their school work on a Kindle. Each Kindle has all of the detail for the day and all they need to do is get on the Kindle and do the work. If there are projects that require videos or flash, they are given laptops to complete their work.

The teacher can see from her table everything that the student is doing. If there is a need for assistance, all the student needs to do is ask and the teacher can assist.

Rewards and Consequences

Every hour of every day, youth can earn rewards. As mentioned above, each hour, every student is rated and can get a point each for the following:

A is for Attitude

W is for Work

E is for Excellent

Excellent means ‘above and beyond’. There are various ways a student can get an excellent. If they are asked to write one page during writing and they do two, that is ‘above and beyond’. If they help the teacher without being asked, that is ‘above and beyond’. If they complete their school work before the end of the day and do additional work, that is ‘above and beyond’.

At the end of each hour, there are things that they can earn. For example:

  • At 9:30, they can choose to sit on a couch or on the floor to do their work
  • At 10:30, they get a snack.
  • At 11:30, they can eat their lunch
  • At 12:30, they can listen to music
  • At 1:30, they can have another snack

If they are not focused and doing their work, they can either lose or delay the above benefits.

They can always turn their day around. We may have a child who has a bad hour, but we help them understand that they can always turn around their day.

At the end of the week, if a student earns at least 15 excellents, they can earn a $5 gift card. These gift cards are for places like Starbucks, Panera, Sonic; a place of their choice. They get their card on the next Monday.

Parents can also rate their children at home. We expect good and respectful behavior at all times. If youth know that they are also being watched at home and they can earn additional rewards, they work very hard to do the right thing. We also want to encourage families as they work hard to raise their child.

The top 2 students with the largest number of excellents receive additional rewards, rewards that are chosen by their parents.

Bad behavior can have consequences. If a student lies, they might lose all of their excellents for the week. If they are talking or a distraction to others, they may lose their work or attitude points, which means they don’t get an excellent for the hour.


We do not grade students in the traditional sense. The reason for this is that, if they are doing the work, they will always get 100%. If they don’t get them all right the first time, then they go back, restudy and do it again.

For example, with Math, we focus on a specific Math operation per week and drill it over and over again until we are confident that they ‘get it’. By the end of the week, we test them over the last number of weeks to ensure that the math that they have learned is fresh.


We use one specific curriculum and then wrap around it with a number of other programs. If you are interested in knowing more about our curriculum, contact us at the information below.


If you think that this type of school program may be a good fit for your child, please contact us using the information below. Once we have discussed your situation and your child, we will ask you to fill out the following forms:


Though there are fees for this program, if your child is accepted into the program, we never want finances to be a hindrance to getting help for your child. This is why we do not discuss fees until after we have met with you and your child and have determined that your child would be a good fit for our program. For those that cannot afford to pay the whole amount, we have scholarships available for you.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about Charis Woods Academy and how it may help your child, contact us @ (844) 54-Family or e-mail @

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