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The T.O.P.

The T.O.P. (Therapeutic Outreach Program) is a 6 month, 5 days per week program that encourages more effective choices for all of the youth involved. The Capricious Child: ‘acting on impulse’ Youth today are being pulled every which way, whether it is from peer pressure, societal pressure, or even parent pressure. Often, for them to do the ‘right thing’, it can mean going against the flow of the mainstream, and for many of them, this is…

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The Capricious Child

For the Capricious Child: Do you have a child who seems to be ‘acting on impulse’? This child may be making bad choices by acting without thinking and you are trying to figure out what to do. Is your child: Experiencing mental health problems, such as ADHD, ADD, RAD, bipolar tendencies, and/or depressive disorders, to name a few? Demonstrating self-harming behaviors, such as cutting? (Note that we will not work with youth who have attempted…

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