Acceptance Process

(Our 10 year old daughter) had a significant trauma in her life and began refusing to go to school. We switched schools twice but it got so bad that the school was going to take us to court because she was truant.
We are so thankful for C.A.T.E.S. Academy. She is happy and confident and looks forward to going to school each and every day.

C.A.T.E.S. Academy is a partnership between 4Families, Inc,, whose Co-Founders are Kent & Karen Robson, and Faith Christian Ministries (FCM), whose Founder is Dr. Paul Cates. C.A.T.E.S. is an acronym that means Cognitive Assessment Therapeutic Educational Support.

C.A.T.E.S. Academy is under the umbrella of Faith Christian Academy and is a member of TANAS and ACSI.

For more information, e-mail or call Kent Robson, Co-Founder & Headmaster @ (844) 54-FAMILY -or- (844) 543-2645.

Our Goal is Transformational Change for your Child


…we are small but mighty, meaning that, with every new student, we must ensure that we can continue to be successful with the students we have AND the student we accept -and-

…our goal is to blend therapeutic techniques and individualized curriculum for the best success AND this requires intense focus for each new student involved,

-we have developed an acceptance process that gives us a clear understanding regarding each students specific needs. This process includes…

…Interviewing the Student and Family – Headmaster Kent Robson

Through a series of 2-3 interviews, our goal is to determine whether:

  • A Student is a good fit for the program – We answer the following questions:
    • Is the student willing to be a part of the C.A.T.E.S. Academy school experience?
    • Are we confident that we can make a transformational difference in the life of the student?
    • How will the student fit with the other students in the program?
  • A Family is a good fit for the program – We answer the following questions:
    • Is the family willing to do the necessary work at home?

Because we are looking for students and families that are ready for change, this process can sometimes take 1-2 weeks for acceptance.

We accept youth at any time during the calendar year. If, for some reason, we do not believe that the student is a good fit, we can recommend other options for the family.

We accept students at any time during the year.


…a student has been accepted, we…

…Develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) – Dr. Paul Cates & Headmaster Kent Robson

Dr. Paul Cates, foremost expert on cognitive education and original author of the IEP, along with his son and colleague, Dr. Kirk Cates, evaluates every child and makes recommendations regarding curriculum and daily structure. A Family Blueprint and IEP is developed for the family and student, and a Track is recommended based on a student’s specific therapeutic/educational needs. Remember, each Track looks like this:

    • Track 1: Cognitive Evaluation, IEP and Minimum Support at School & Home
    • Track 2: Cognitive Evaluation, IEP and Medium Support at School & Home
    • Track 3: Cognitive Evaluation, IEP and Maximum Support at School & Home

For more information on Tracks, click here.

Once this recommendation has been made and the family is ready to move forward, the student is accepted into the program and a start date is established. (A transfer from the student’s current school to C.A.T.E.S. Academy is a very simple process. More detail is provided in the Application section.)


…the first few months that a student is in school, we will…

…Evaluate Every Child – Dr. Paul Cates

Professional Cognitive Testing and Assessment is agreed upon to determine each youth’s learning style and competency levels in all subject matters, talents and abilities. A date (or dates) will be established for when the testing will occur. 


…a student requires support at home, the next step will be…

…Recommend Therapeutic Support – Kent Robson or Dr. Eboni Webb

A student may need Minimum Support at home, ie Track 1. Kent Robson, the Headmaster of C.A.T.E.S. Academy will communicate with the family on an agreed up consistent basis to ensure overall success of goals at home.

A student may need Medium Support at home, ie Track 2. Kent Robson, the Headmaster of C.A.T.E.S. Academy may recommend Therapeutic support for the student. If a student is already receiving good Therapeutic Support, then we will communicate with the Therapist and integrate current goals into the overall daily plan. If a student does not already receive Therapeutic Support, we will refer the family to Dr. Eboni Webb at The Village of Kairos. Dr. Webb is one of our C.A.T.E.S. Academy partners.

A student may need Maximum Support at home, ie Track 3. Kent Robson, the Headmaster of C.A.T.E.S. Academy will involve Dr. Eboni Webb and her staff in developing a program for support at home. This could involve what is called a Wrap-around program, meaning that professionals may come into the home environment for an agreed upon period of time to support the family.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other Trauma Based Therapy is provided to those children and families where therapy will enhance overall success. This also can occur as a part of Track 3. 

Note that our goal for each child is transformational change. Some students just need a change of environment for change to occur. (For students who have been bullied or are mildly depressed, we have sometimes seen immediate change, within days or weeks. For others with more deep seated challenges, change is more implemental.)