Acceptance Process

Because our goal is to blend therapeutic techniques and individualized curriculum for the best success, the process for acceptance is as follows: 

  • Interview the Student and Family – Headmaster Kent Robson

Through a series of 3-4 interviews, our goal is to determine whether:

  • A Student is a good fit for the program – We answer the following questions:
    • Is the student willing to be a part of the C.A.T.E.S. Academy school experience?
    • Are we confident that we can make a transformational difference in the life of the student?
    • How will the student fit with the other students in the program?
  • A Family is a good fit for the program – We answer the following questions::
  • Is the family willing to do the necessary work at home?

Because we are looking for a student and family that is ready for change, this process can sometimes take 1-4 weeks for acceptance. We accept youth at any time during the calendar year. Once a student has been accepted, we:

  • Develop a Therapeutic Education Plan (TEP) – Dr. Paul Cates & Headmaster Kent Robson

Through the interview process, a Family Blueprint and TEP is developed for the family and youth, and a Track is recommended based on a youth’s specific therapeutic/educational needs.

    • Track 1: TEP at School and Focused Goals & Support at Home (Maximum Support)
    • Track 2: TEP at School and Consistent Goals & Support at Home (Medium Support)
    • Track 3: TEP at School & Support at Home (As Needed)
  • Evaluate Every Child – Dr. Paul Cates

Professional Cognitive Testing and Assessment is agreed upon to determine each youth’s learning style and competency levels in all subject matters, talents and abilities.

  • Recommend Therapeutic Support – Dr. Eboni Webb

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other Trauma Based Therapy is provided to those children and families where therapy will enhance overall success.

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