About Us

What is 4Families, Inc.?

The Mission of 4Families, Inc is to ‘Empower, Encourage, Engage and Equip youth and families who are facing challenges.’

4Families, Inc is a 501-3c non-profit organization whose Purpose is to work with families that are struggling with a child that is experiencing or has experienced trauma and emotional wounds that may be directly affecting their wellbeing and behavior at school and at home. We identify children in the following ways:

Who we can help

4Families, Inc can help families with children that are experiencing:

  • ADD or ADHD
  • Has experienced trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment concerns
  • Bi-Polar tendencies
  • Depression
  • Lack of interest
  • Educational challenges
  • Struggling socially or culturally
  • Other developmental issues

Note: We specialize in supporting adoptive and foster care families

When a family contacts, we

  • Triage the Situation: A family in crisis needs immediate support
  • Create a Plan of Action:  A “Family Blueprint” for change
  • Recommend the best Program:
    • If Residential: If it is clear that the child needs to be placed, we:
      • Have identified and vetted the best programs in the nation.
      • Can recommend a program that is best for the child based on criteria from the family.
      • Can Assist  in walking through every placement step
    • If Educational: If it is clear that the child needs a different environment, we:
      • Will recommend C.A.T.E.S.Academy
      • Evaluate each child Educationally & Behaviorally
      • Create an individually designed Therapeutic Education Plan
      • Develop weekly goals for School and Home
      • Come alongside families to support the child at home
    • If Therapeutic/Mentoring: If the child or family needs therapeutic support or mentoring in addition to one of the above recommendations, we have:
      • Partnered with & can recommend Dr. Eboni Webb & the Therapeutic staff at The Village of Kairos
      • Developed a Parent Support Program to encourage and equip parents, to learn a ‘better way’