We Can Help You and Your Family

The goal of 4Families is to give help and hope for your youth and your family. You are our first priority when you contact us. When you begin to see symptoms of struggle in your child, it is best to address those symptoms immediately, whether they are something as simple as boredom or as serious as depression. No matter the seriousness of the situation at hand, 4Families has the expertise to walk you through the steps necessary to find help for your child.

If you are contacting us about your child, please check out our youth programs by going to the 4Youth tab. This tab and the sub-tabs should give you a clear understanding of how we can be of service to you.

In addition, we have a number of support programs for parents that can help you as you are navigating through help and hope for your child.

We can provide Therapeutic and Educational support for you and your family. Please check out the following:


  1. A Family Blueprint is a ‘plan of action’ for your family. For many of our programs, it all begins with the Family Blueprint. To understand how a Family Blueprint can help your family, click here.
  2. Family Consultation is ‘walking through’ a problem with the family. Ongoing consultation may be an area of support that will benefit your family and is included as a part of some of our programs. To understand how Family Consultation can help your family, click here.
  3. Family Coaching is ‘aid from within’ the family structure, to possibly help parents see a different way. When a family is experiencing stress, it is often that they can’t see ‘the forest for the trees’, thus making it difficult to be objective. We can offer an objective viewpoint. To understand how Family Coaching can help your family, click here.
  4. Family Counseling is ‘therapeutic listening’, or simply put, giving the family an ear. We have established partnerships with a number of Counseling agencies that we can recommend who can provide this important service. To understand how Family Counseling can help your family, click here.


  1. It’s A-Parent is a Biblically Based, 12 Series Training/Support Program for Parents with key themes that address the problem and provides solutions to each chosen theme. For more information on It’s A-Parent and what it can do for you, click here.
  2. The Significant Man is a Biblically Based, 12 series Training/Support Program for Men with key themes for today’s father. For more information on The Significant Man, click here.


If you would like more information on how we may be of service to you, please contact us at (844) 84-FAMILY or e-mail kent@4families.org.

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